Bolam Hall and it's Gardener's Cottage was built circa 1800 on the site of the ancient village of Bolam, which along with many other local villages ceased to exist after the devastation of the national plague of the 17th century. For some 300 years before that Bolam had been a thriving village of 200 houses, which in the 14th century had its own Fairs Charter.

When Heather Russell became the owner of Garden Cottage some 25 years ago the garden had fallen into disrepair and neglect. A JCB was the first garden tool, to clear the site. Serious gardening started in the early 90s and has progressed with gathering pace and momentum ever since.

Almost 2 acres under cultivation set within a beautiful rural part of Northumberland. The style is modern, artistic and full of unusual plants. Not your usual cottage garden, this garden has to be one of the very best in Northumberland and Heather's gardening style and enthusiasm could be catching.